Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's that holiday time of year where you will be tempted to eat chocolates, desserts, cakes, breads, buns and goey, chewy, shiny foods! Or what are supposed to be the term "food". If you really look at the word it means something that gives something to nuture. Cookies and treats nuture your emotional side but exercise can give you an uplifting feeling too. Make sure that you get plenty of fluids and rest during this time of year too! Dehydration can lead you to the lands of temptation by craving sweets and calorie packed beverages! Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling cranky, tired and YES starving too! Take "catnaps" of 15 -20 minutes and catch up on the weekends. Tips for parties: Chew gum! Eat your veggies and alternate the water with ANY beverages that you drink. Remember exercise is the key to balancing out those holiday parties. Try flights of stairs at the mall to bump up your heart rate and keep you fit for shopping. Keep kicking your own butt and move it!