Thursday, March 18, 2010

Switch to spinach over lettuce

I loved cartoons growing up and couldn't help watching Popeye and Olive Oyle win over Brutus. As a healthy lifestyle spokesperson all grown up, I realize that Popeye got it right when he ate spinach to get stronger! Spinach has 13 different flavonoids. It is high in Vitamin K which promotes bone health and support friendly bacteria. It not only helps your muscles, but gives your brain a boost too. It contains vitamin E which helps slow the loss of mental function. For your eyes, it contains Luetin. And it weighs in at a 1 cup has only 7 calories! Yet almost 30 mg of calcium -not bad... that means a whole spinach salad about 3 cups has almost as much calcium as a small glass of milk. Compared to iceberg lettuce at less than 10 mg of calcium and half the potassium, the only similarity is the calorie count of 8!

Conclusion: Eat your spinach and don’t forget about Olive oil! ( After all she was Popeye’s mate!)