Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't Sit STILL!

Andrea Metcalf, Host of Fit Today and NBC 5 Fitness Team>A little goes a long way when you're trying to lose a few pounds. Here are some tips to burn those extra 10, 25, 35 calories (that's the same amount in a little Hershey's chocolate kiss!) Remember you have to create a deficit of 3500 calories to lose just one pound of bodyweight.
What can you do?
- Walk in place while on conference calls - It's called busy as a bee! Buzzzzz
- Pace the parking lot or train depot while waiting for your commute
- Sit up straight and use your core
- Be a kid and swing your legs or bounce your knees (it's not restless leg syndrome - it's burn baby burn!)
- Push away and return with your arms at your desk - works best with a chair on wheels. it wheely fun!

Get and go!

How do you know if You're Stressed?

Andrea Metcalf, Host of Fit Today and NBC 5 Fitness Team Well we all think we have it under control~ well maybe there are those days that seem to out of control, hair on end, tension, shoulders, headache... YES that is stress. But what about the minor stress we feel on a daily basis. This and yes that bid stuff is what causes a drain on the body--mental and physical effects are widely accepted and ignored. STRESS INDICATOR from Voice Prism is one way to monitor your stress levels while Resperate and Emwave are electronic devices to help train yourself to lower stress. This results in some of the same great benefits of exercise, yoga, meditaion, and yes even sex!-- better health, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, and even weight loss. Check out Nesita's segment on Stress on Monday, Feb. 25th on NBC5.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Check out FIT Today

I am so excited to tell you all about my new show! FIT TODAY will premeir on CLTV Feb. 9th at 11am and Feb. 10th at 8am! We have been so busy getting it all together but you will see inspirational stories, fitness tips, nutritional information, recipes, the lastest medical advances and MORE things to help you get FIT TODAY. I must say this whole endeavor has been a learning experience and incredible journey. Special thanks to our sponsors and my co hosts, family and friends who have put up with my schedule and crabby moments! Check us out and sign up for FREE raffle prizes every week and specials from our sponsors! THANKS FOR WATCHING

Give Your Posture a Boost

Andrea Metcalf, NBC 5 Fitness Team>Just received a new shoe in themail. They are called Springboost--most popular fitness shoe - the B-Fit . they are really neat and help with posture and alignment as you walk. The slight angle of the foot insert and padded support are really confortable. The benefit of wearing a shoe like this to help with hip extension is another bonus. Something to try if plantar fascitis is an issue too. Although I wouldn't recommend the shoe for and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wear all the time-- I think the daily benefits of a few hours spent in them is worth the investment. Check out for more styles, information and store locators. On another note, Jen is still losing weight down 16 pounds since Jan 1st! Keep up the great workouts and eating right JEN and all those keeping up with their New Year's resolutions~ YOU CAN DO IT! Small tip this week:
Walking while on a conference call will burn a few extra calories and from Gina DePompei -- use the community printer instead one in your office. You'll burn a few extra calories on walking over to it!