Friday, February 1, 2008

Give Your Posture a Boost

Andrea Metcalf, NBC 5 Fitness Team>Just received a new shoe in themail. They are called Springboost--most popular fitness shoe - the B-Fit . they are really neat and help with posture and alignment as you walk. The slight angle of the foot insert and padded support are really confortable. The benefit of wearing a shoe like this to help with hip extension is another bonus. Something to try if plantar fascitis is an issue too. Although I wouldn't recommend the shoe for and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wear all the time-- I think the daily benefits of a few hours spent in them is worth the investment. Check out for more styles, information and store locators. On another note, Jen is still losing weight down 16 pounds since Jan 1st! Keep up the great workouts and eating right JEN and all those keeping up with their New Year's resolutions~ YOU CAN DO IT! Small tip this week:
Walking while on a conference call will burn a few extra calories and from Gina DePompei -- use the community printer instead one in your office. You'll burn a few extra calories on walking over to it!