Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Andrea Metcalf, Host of Fit Today and NBC 5 Fitness Team>You may have thought that because you haven't heard from me lately that another resolution has faded away....
NOPE. Jen is still at her exercise regimen although, like many of us this season hit with a spell of cough, cold, and fever. The stomach flu didn't take her to her goal weight, but she is down another 2 pounds. The initial drop in weight is always encouraging and surprising and then something happens. Whether the enthusiasm whithers, work habits or just plain sickness, everyone seems to experience a pause in their journey. I have been meeting with so many people, with weight loss and inspirational interviews for my own new show called FIT TODAY that even I have been inspired by others. Gina DePompei has already lost 90 pounds this past 2007 with another 80 on the schedule for 2008-- HOW? you ask... just by adding a few extra steps to her day. She like many others, wears a pedometer. She is first to admit she hasn't made the 10,000 step mark but things like using the community printer at work and taking the bus stop and walking a few blocks have added up and slimmed her down. She even told me about her fear while being overweight about escalators and stairs-- wondering if she would be out of breath when she made it the next floor. Imagine staying in a a Palazzo in Italy and all you can think about is the 88 steps you will have to walk up with your luggage because there are no elevators in a Palazzo. That was part of her dream vacation to Europe and you guessed it! She enjoyed the trip and made her way up and down without a problem. You can stay committed! You can be a success. ONE STEP AT A TIME.