Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Every year upon the first of the year we are entitled to a fresh start. Well here it is! A FRESH START WITH YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL TRAINER-- Me! You can join me as a I daily check in on one of my weightloss clients, Jennifer - 216. Jen will need to lose about 50 pounds. As I work with her each day, you can do it with us. Simply send in your picture, name and starting weight. I will be happy to give you my personal attention. Add your comments and questions and get yourself a fresh new start.

Day ONE - January 1st. Jennifer started with 35 minutes of sweating cardio. Nice job JEN! Jen ate popcorn and a diet coke and planning on a salad with chicken for dinner- not the best nutrition but it could have gone the other way with an order of fried foods, chocolates and treats. SO tomorrow (myself included) FOOD will be the next target-- baby steps of course! If you need more support join the NBC5 Fitness Club today.