Sunday, November 9, 2008


Shape up those arms

On the streets of NYC, I was asking women: "What one spot on your body needs the most work?" Many body parts including "my hips", "my thighs", and "my belly", were lamented but the most common spot was "my arms", followed by," I hate the part that jiggles as I wave!"

So here's the answer! The jiggling part can be divided into a two main muscle groups: triceps and rear deltiods. For each of these areas try one of these exercises. None of these exercises require anything more than just your own body weight and really do work!

Common exercises for the triceps include dips, overhead pulls, and kickbacks. But here's one that you probably haven't seen, the Praying Mantis.
Start on hands and knees and walk your arms out about one arm's length to form modified plank position. Hips should be tucked under, belly pulled into the spine, and head in a neutral position. Bend the elbows to touch the floor and press back up to the starting position. Try for 8-12 repetitions or until you can't complete another rep.

Rear Delts:
Pulley cables and tubing wide rear fly are common for this area but try the Jumper which also targets the back side of the body too.
Start face down on the floor with arms extended in line with the shoulders, hands at 3 and 9 if you body is the center of a clock. Next open the legs and bend the knees keep them slightly apart and feet flexed position. Head will stay in line with the body as you begin to raIse the arms and legs. Keep the arms straight to the side and squeeze between the shoulder blades; legs are lifted but remain still. Hold the position (which looks like you are parachuting out of a plane) and pulse the arms toward the ceiling for 30-60 seconds. This one is timed because I want you to fatigue the muscles and the movement is so small. While lifted, the head should remain in line with the body.

Remember, that resistance training is important for increasing muscle mass and changing your body composition that can result in an increased metabolism!