Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Exercise at Your Desk to Reduce Headaches

Andrea Metcalf, mbc FITNESS I recently found research that supports the theory that stretching at your desk can reduce headaches at work. I was certain of the results based on my own research with clients, but there is documented research to support this theory. Exercises that strengthen and stretch the neck, shoulder and forearm muscles will make a difference. Hold onto the bottom of the chair and lean your body and head away in the opposite direction. This exercise helps open the levator, trapezius and scalene muscles that can cause tightness between the cervical verterbrae. This may create pressure on the spine and reduce circulation to the upper extremities. Make sure to perform this stretch on both sides and hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Another great exercise is the door jam chest stretch. Stand with both arms bent just above the height of your shoulders on the sides of an open door. Step forward and feel the stretch across your chest. These muscles will relieve the pull on the neck and upper back that will improve your circulation too. Stretches should be performed every 30 minutes or on the hour for best results. It just feels good too!!
Take a break and stretch!