Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Choose a Healthy Option In Case of an Emergency! CHOICE

Andrea Metcalf, Mind body Connections
It's Your Choice!! Everyday you wake up, you have the option to be happy or sad, eat breakfast or skip it, exercise or be still. If you are trying to lose weight you are the only person who can make it happen! But, enlist your friends! Only one in nine people have been able to lose weight on their own. Those who use a daily check in system with a group of people have a 94% chance of acheiving and most importantly, maintaining their goal. If you haven't noticed, skinny people hang out with skinny people, smart people hang out with smart people and athletes gang together. Chose your friends wisely, or get them on your band wagon. When you're with the group and you're tempted to have a slice of birthday cake, make the right choice first. If you are still hungry after a piece of fruit, a vegetable or lean protein, then have the treat. Life isn't about deprivationl; it's about choices.

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