Tuesday, March 11, 2008

realizing your dreams

This is a long one... but I wanted to let you all in on my life....Everyday we create our lives. We decide the moment we get out of bed whether we will be happy, sad, tired, energetic,nervous or confident. Whether you believe it or not, you can change your life. It’s not that it’s easy or hard, but it is possible. This is the first step of my journey. About five years ago, a seed was planted that lay dormant for the right moment of readiness. Although it was always in the back of my mind, I hadn’t the time to nurture the thought and bring it to bloom. Something happened in the last four months that changed all that. I started to believe that I could pull together an inspirational show that could maybe spark something in someone out there to be moved, different and changed for the better. What started as that of a seed of reaching people through a voice larger than a private consultation to reaching many simultaneously is what the blossom came to be. I wanted to be able to give people more
information to make better choices that would result in healthy changes that would last indefinitely. That is where FIT TODAY started to bloom.
I had never put together a television show and weekly 3-4 minute segments was my closest experience. But like those who want to startan exercise program or lose weight, you have to start somewhere! I started talking to potential sponsors and before I could get signatures on contracts, I started to believe it was possible. Well, the truth of the matter is that none of the initial “ I think they will sign” people did, somehow I had managed to lead other to believe in me. It just steamrolled from there. Even when I knew we didn't have enough dollars from sponsors, I decided to through my own pennies into the punch. I am still trying to recruit sponsors but more importantly we made it to our first and soon second, third, fourth, shows airing regularly on CLTV on Saturdays at 11 am and Sundays at
8 am. The remarkable thing I sometimes sit and bask in is the fact that two close friends in the media industry said to me "Why?" and "You are going to lose money on this project". The experience in hind
sight is worth more than any dollar amount I can explain. I can only imagine this is how it feels when you step on the scale and see that you have lost 100 pounds! Surreal, Infectiously Joyful, Grateful all
come to mind...

Now about the show...
I started nurturing that seed with the thought of radio first--after all it's less expensive and no one really sees if you are on air in your pajamas. Joanne Rusch , publisher of Chicago Wellness was going
to one of 3 ladies throwing it down for the super-moms on how to keep it all together with food, health and exercise! We fizzled quickly when our third left for Greece and Joanne was asked by another partner to work on a food show pilot. Her pilot fell through and we picked her up somewhere in the second week of tapings. Joanne “food science” interest and typical “motherly” instincts made her an asset to the show. It was shortly after that I became acquainted with Leslie Goldman. I had been interested in iVillage in the Loop because they were a nationally televised show taped in Chicago. I was aware of their exclusive relationship with Bally’s Total Fitness which made it impossible to appear on the show, i became interested in their web presence. that’s where I found Leslie! I noticed she was a Chicagoan like myself and quickly cold-called her to meet and greet. I loved her book, her caring smile and her ability to be insightful and resourceful. A few months later, I asked her to join our Fit Today Team. Dave Mellish is our male counterpart. Dave is one of my success stories I have had the pleasure and joy of seeing from start to finish. I created an 8-week lifestyle change program teaching people about how to make eat healthy, move daily and sleep better. Dave lost 150 pounds and more importantly has kept off the weight for over a year. He is funny, confident and a great leader. He was an easy pick to help continually inspire others to become “Fit Today”.
Every episode of Fit Today starts with an inspirational story (usually one of my client’s over the past 24 years in the fitness arena). I am impressed by the lives people right around you everyday lead that are so fantastic. Next we jump into the medical side of the story. Some type of related information that supports their inspirational journey. Because seems to be so confusing, we pull out a recipe, shopping trip, or interview renowned guests that give us the “skinny” on eating. Of course, we couldn’t get FIT TODAY of any day without moving it around a bit--AND be moved is my tag-line! A fitness segment is the last bit of advice. Sometimes it’s moves you can use and sometimes it’s the latest research or fad. In any case we wrap all these segments together with “bouncing” questions and answers between commercial breaks. My goal is to pack in enough information to get someone thinking and learning.
My desire to is reach as many people as we possibly can and pull them off the couch to move. We want to help them find within themselves the one bit of information, medical advice, cooking tip, exercise or inspirational story that can make a difference in their lives. There are so many incredible stories around us. We have had no short supply of them this far and I have found over the years, many people really don’t realize that one small change can make big results. One letter missing from “diet” and it turns into “die”. That’s a change that you can see and feel. But all kidding aside, my mission becomes clearer everyday. I hope to help people to create their own healthy lifestyles that feel so good! It’s about the right fit, fitting it all in, and getting Fit Today and everyday.