Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My TIps

I eliminate dumb email clutter by opting out of as many ads, newsletters, groups that I could. I have given myself the permission that if I really want to know about something I will seek out the information... This is kind of like shopping for what you need instead of browsing and impulsively buying a new pair of cowboy boots to add to your 15 other pairs just because they are on sale
I got a comforter and two pillows for my bed to spend less time in making my bed in the morning; duality of this switch to my linens actually looks fresh and neat all the time and I feel better coming home to my neatly made bedroom every night
I set alarms for when I need to stop doing any activity that can really wait until tomorrow- meaning there are projects that need a little time each day to tackle them instead of waiting until the at minute. But sometimes, I would get so lost trying to complete them knowing full well that there was no way it would finish in one day that the timer helped me move on to other tasks
I have hooks in the bathroom for my towels instead of bars when I am done showering. This still looks neat and is a few seconds less time to hang
I taught my children to do their own laundry as part of their family experience. My kids are so incredibly talented on a computer and well guess what they can even work the washer and dryer too. Although, I only require them to do their own clothes, (which is good for college prep and moving out at some point in time) but they also have chores around the house like garbage detail, picking out and organizing dinner, dishes, mowing the lawn and other “family contribution experiences”. I know you must be thinking, yeah I do that too. But really if you have room mates, family or even friends that you can utilize to create more time in your day, don’t miss the opportunity to ask, direct, and negotiate with them to give yourself more time in the day.
I leave dishes in the sink. I know some of you may not be able to let this one go, but I have found, unless I am having company over for dinner, the dishes are okay to be left alone during the day. They don’t jump out of the sink or even invite bugs into the house. As long as I can get the house tidy before bedtime, I am golden. I love waking up to a neat kitchen. Which by the way sets the tone for your day if you wake up to a constant confusion and mess or a tidy area.
I have bottles of water in my car. I know people will argue about the plastic-- but if it reminds me to drink more water throughout the day; I will take my chances.
I keep at least one LUCY workout outfit, socks, and sketchers trainers in my car at all times-- and deodorant and perfume too. ( Just in case I can’t get to a place with a shower; I can still get in a stretch or walk without being too sweaty and feel that I did something for myself)
I do one load of laundry everyday; to try and stay on top of things-- and I leave my ironing to pile up for at least two months before I get to it unless it’s an emergency need to wear it outfit.
I do many crazy exercises throughout the day with friends, taxi drivers, elevator patrons, and people in stores to get them thinking about exercise and get a little extra in for myself. So be wary if you meet me in the elevator sometime and I ask you to do a squat against the wall during the time you are riding in the elevator--hey! every little bit helps!

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