Monday, April 26, 2010

Get healthy! Get in Shape-ups! Get Naked!

Strip away your excuses and audition for NBC Fitness team member, Andrea Metcalf’s Naked Fitness Challenge on May 3rd, 3-8pm NBC Tower, 454 N Columbus Drive, Chicago!

We will select 30 lucky participants to participate in this FREE four week lifestyle change program sponsored by SKECHERS Shape-ups. Shape-ups help you get more out of each step with their unique rocker bottom and kinetic wedge that cushion and comfort yet provide an unstable feeling that engages muscles -- creating toned and firmed calves, thighs, buttocks and abs. After wearing them for just a few short weeks, your posture will improve, you will feel firmer and your jeans may be looser. Participants will be expected to walk two hours each day.

Participants will compete for a Nordic Trak Treadmill from Sears based on the most body weight percentage lost; tie breaker to anthropemetric measurements in case of a tie.
All 30 participants will receive a pair of SKECHERS Shape-ups shoes to help improve their walking, posture and overall tone. The Shape-ups will make activities, regardless of how big or small, more challenging.

The program is designed to get you moving, get into your best posture alignment and help you eat the right foods to have a new outlook on you! Participants must be
at least 30 pounds overweight
in general good health*
willing to follow the program guidelines to the best of their ability
willing to appear on the web, on air, and on site for promotional appearances
write a short follow up essay on program and sponsor items as requested
able to attend all four weekly meetings: Thursdays May 6, 13, 30, and 27th at 7:30 - 8:30pm and be at the NBC Health U Expo on both June 5th and 6th from noon -3pm.

*if selected participants will need to provide proof of doctor’s medical consent.

“Shape-ups really work.” says Fitness expert Andrea Metcalf. “They feature a rocker bottom to promote core stability. They have a dual density midsole which mimics the muscles that work while walking in sand engaging more lower body calorie burn and have a higher step clearance to work the back side hip extension to full range of motion.” In other words, they will help you shave inches off your waistline when used with the Naked Fitness healthy lifestyle program.

The Public is invited to view and listen to the amazing results of the participants in this group at Navy Pier for the NBC Healthy U Challenge on June 5th and 6th. Winner will be announced on June 6th at 2pm.


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