Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Re-wearable workout gear inspires global reach

In honor of Earth Day, I have been looking for interesting products that inspire ‘GREEN” exercise. Green Exercise connects people to nature in their local areas and is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving the nation's physical and mental well-being. Exercise clothing made from 100% natural fibers like cotton or wool are a wonderful way to Green your routine! Wool, although thought of as scratchy or itchy couldn’t be farther from the truth with ICEBREAKER workout apparel. ( link to website )
From eco friendly packaging, eliminating plastic wrappers and opting for recycled cardboard and paper, wool offers an odor free, high performance product base. A structural framework of 3% LYCRA® enables Icebreaker to use exceptionally fine merino yarn to create a fabric ideally suited for running, cycling and other high-aerobic sports. Unlike synthetic fabrics, which have a rigid fibre structure, Icebreaker GT base layers are light, fluid, and mold to the body while it’s in action.
The finer yarns keep athletes cool and dry while they’re performing at their peak.

Merino is light, breathable, odor resistant, soft and non-itch, and keeps the body at an even temperature, while LYCRA® provides shape retention and stretch. The combination of fine merino fibres and LYCRA® has created a base layer that fits like a second skin.

Equally impressive is their BAA code system whereby you can track the evolution of the wool worn right next to your skin from the New Zealand farm and family that brought it to your door. This BAA code allows the consumer engagement globally with the people, places and animals bringing us all a little closer together.

Andrea Metcalf encourages people to live a healthy, green lifestyle. For more information check out her Green Your Routine workout tips on

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