Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How do you feel in Your Skinny Jeans?

hspace= Andrea Metcalf, Creator & Host of FITtodayTV.comThere are so many contests out there to keep you motivated to stay fit!  So why aren't you playing the games, winning prizes and getting in shape?  This contest by Old London, asks "How do you feel in your skinny jeans?" Their tie into fitness and health is to hear how you are empowered by these changes and by replacing high calorie foods with lower ones can help get you there.  Their hopes for you to switch out bagels for melba toasts and I love food swapping! Switching from whole milk to skim makes sense to me as well as whole fat cream cheese to 1/3 light- that saves me almost 100 calories per serving.  I switched to Mission Carb Balance tortillas from bread and saved another 50 calories per serving while bumping up my fiber by almost double!  Remember, fiber is the stuff that pushes through your digestive system and keeps you healthy and regular ridding your body of waste and toxins.
Now for the biggest switch of all-- switch out CARDIO for STRENGTH TRAINING.  Yep, that's right I have found that 30 minutes of interval strength training keeps my heart rate up in the 140-160's bpm for the majority of my workout.  That's a bonus for my heart health and keeping my muscles strong with a bonus--higher metabolism!

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