Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is Your Perfect Exercise?

Andrea Metcalf
NBC5 Fitness Team, Host of on CLTV, Better.TV 
What is the perfect exercise?  One that you like of course! But sometimes our personalities may be a clue as to our perfect "fit".
I you are detailed, organized and like precision then Fencing may be your game.  It takes endurance, strength and of course fine motor patterns.  So bring your epee and foil for a while.  For more information on fencing, check out 
Now if you need to feel empowered, in charge and busting with energy, try a few rounds on the speed bag and glove up to boxing.  Handwraps aren't crucial but gloves are!  Handwraps help hold the wrist and fingers in place as well as add in supporting the wrist-- "It just feels cool when you are wrapped and hitting", says Kim Robbins, avid shadow and bag boxer.  This upper body and core workout can really leave its mark on your body- ripped that is.

If you are settled, focused, and need to slow down a bit, get enrolled in a Tai chi martial arts class.  You will be surprised to find that although it looks easy, the control and strength are wonderful and require fluidity with each movement.  Tai Chi is an official part of this year's Olympics in Bejing China and Painting clouds will take on more than watercolors and canvas.

If you require constant stimulation or just can't sit still, you will be happy in a Bootcamp style class.  The interval style of strength and cardio is challenging and will keep your mind changing gears.  Bootcamp classes are now outdoors in the midwest and that means hill sprints, park bench step ups and sand jumps too.  
Pick your exercise to match your personality or maybe who you might want to be!

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