Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walk This Way ~ 20 Minutes a Day!

30% of boomers feel that their physical health is worse than they expected at this point in their lives. 
-          20% say their physical health is what they would like to change the most.
-          89% have done something to fight aging, with heart disease and aging being their two main health concerns.
-          Women reported that their most preferred physical activity is walking (35%) and more than half of them walk at least one a week. 
-          Boomers are the first generation that grew up exercising, and expect to be able to able to exercise well into their 70’s.  
 Well if that isn’t enough information to motivate you to move, I am not sure what is other than a heart attack. The truth is exercise is a choice and when you choose to move, you will have more energy, sleep better, have better brain function, strengthen your heart and may even lose weight. As little as 10 minutes of walking before and after work can make significant changes.
So here’s my challenge - if you can exercise for one month straight, 5 out of 7 days a week for at least 20 minutes of exercise, e-mail me with your results. I will send you an exercise DVD for your success to get to the next level.

Walk this way ~ 20 minutes a day!


Anonymous said...

and to help you get up and walk without joint discomfort try It's helped me with my walking routine!

Anonymous said...

and to help you get u and walk without joint discomfort try Its helped me with my daily walking routine!