Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Healthy Words That Begin With "C"

Healthy words that begin with “c” charge, change, care, courage, choice, calcium
confidence, can, cardio, Chicago

What I “C” nowadays is that many people know the “R’s” reading, writing and arithmetic,
but they have forgotten their “C’s”

Charge - Charge on ahead to find your passion and dreams. Take charge of your destiny
because you only live once.

Change - Change is as easy as you want it to be.. It’s easy when you want to and
hard when you have to. Make your changes easy!

Care - Caring is the key to love and life. Care for those around you but start with

Courage - Courage in every step forward is important. Those who do not take risks, never
fail. Failure is key to learning and appreciating what you have done.

Choice - Choices are made everyday. Chose to be in the drivers seat and you’ll easily
find your path.

Calcium - No bones about it, calcium is key for not only your bones but for heart
function too.

Confidence - Confidence will get you through most situations. Build your base and
confidence is easy. Can do is not only an attitude but a life philosophy; I believe that every cloud has a silver lining.

Cardio - Cardio exercise is simply moving in a continuous motion- whether is dancing,
walking, jumping or boxing, enjoy your cardio and make your heart happy

Chicago - We are no longer the fattest city in the country, so keep up those healthy
habits and keep moving.

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